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Kale-Baykar Makina Bayraktar TB2


Hunting the Hunters.

The Turkish-originated Bayraktar TB2 UCAV is a proven over-battlefield tactical solution offering unmanned capabilities in all-weather, day-night environments. This system is classified for the Medium-Altitude, Long-Endurance (MALE) role and can provide airborne attack and reconnaissance functionality in real-time to operators and commanders on the ground. Already showcased in several high-profile conflicts in Asia and Europe, the TB2 has solidified its place on the global stage.
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Mission Roles

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Going the Distance

The TB2 features an operational endurance of some 27 hours allowing it to operate in the skies over contested spaces for some time. This provides commanders with excellent tactical advantages along fluid fronts.

Attack the Block

The aircraft arrives with four hardpoints set under the wings ready to accept - and deliver - various air-to-surface ordnance types including missiles, bombs, and mortars countering armor, light-armored vehicles, and even infantry positions.

Hanging with the Big Boys

The Bayraktar TB2 can reach operating altitudes matching that of helicopters and aircraft, inherently keeping it out of harm's way. Couple this with its relatively quiet function and the Hunter-Killer can match wits with the best the modern battlefield has to offer.

Inherent Modularity

The system can be outfitted with various payload types to suit the customer need and the battlefield requirement. This includes Electro-Optical (EO), InfraRed (IR), and fighter-like Active, Electronically-Scanned Array (AESA) radar.


Active, In-Service (9 yrs)
Kale-Baykar Makina - Turkey
1,000 Units
13 Total

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Azerbaijan; Ethiopia; Iraq (ordered); Kyrgyzstan; Libya; Morocco; Niger (ordered); Pakistan; Poland; Qatar; Turkey; Turkmenistan; Ukraine

(List includes former, current, and potential operating nations)
Bayraktar TB2: 1 x Gasoline-fueled engine developing 100 horsepower driving two-bladed propeller unit at rear of fuselage.

(Assuming optimal flying/environmental conditions)
Maximum Speed
137 mph | 220 kph | 119 kts
Cruising Speed
81 mph | 130 kph | 70 kts
Service Ceiling
24,934 ft | 7,600 m | 4.72 miles
Operational Range
93 miles | 150 km | 81 nm
(Showcased performance statistics pertain to the Bayraktar TB2 production model)
21.33 feet (6.50 meters)
39.37 feet (12.00 meters)
(Showcased measurements pertain to the Bayraktar TB2 production model)
1,543 lb (700 kg)
(Showcased weights pertain to the Bayraktar TB2 production model)
Four external hardpoints supporting Precision-Guided Munitions (PGMs) including laser-guided bombs, air-to-surface missiles, and anti-infantry mortars. Supported Types:

Air-to-Surface Missile graphic Air-to-Surface Missiles
Precision-Guided Bomb graphic Precision-Guided Bombs
Conventional Drop Bomb graphic Conventional Drop Bombs
Bayraktar TB2 - Base Series Deisgnation.

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