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Boeing F-15 "Eagle"

Air Superiority Fighter

A True American Classic.

Despite its origins in a late-Cold War-era requirement for the United States Air Force (USAF), the Boeing (McDonnell Douglas) F-15 'Eagle' continues to enjoy a strong standing in the world as a frontline air superiority platform. It stocks the air powers of the United States, Israel, Japan, and Saudi Arabia and a constant evolution of the line has seen the design branched into a highly-capable attacker and all-around multirole performer. Considering all of the primary marks in the series, the Eagle family line has seen production totals reach nearly 2,000 units (and not to end until the year 2022) and its combat exposure has resulted in an excellent win-loss record of 100 victories to 0 losses - an unheard of ratio for a modern fighter.
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Mission Roles

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Twice the Power

The Eagle's twin-engine arrangement consists of 2 x Pratt & Whitney F100 series afterburning turbofan engines offering exceptional straightline firepower - a strong quality for an interceptor to have - as well as heightened survivability when bringing a damaged aircraft home.

Twice the Crewspace

Variants of the F-15 line include two-seater forms which enhance situational awareness and survivability while also spreading about the mission workload. Beyond this, two-seat forms are the perfect vehicle for advanced airman training in the fine art of the dogfight.

Broad A2A and A2G Support

Due to its nonstop evolution, the Eagle line enjoys access to all in-service American (and some foreign-borne) ordnance types that range from A2A and A2G categories giving the F-15 exceptional tactical value in a fight.

Flexibility in Design

The F-15 Eagle's inherent design has lent itself well to production of various major marks that include overseas models in Israel (F-15I), Japan (by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, pictured), and Saudi Arabia (F-15SA). This has placed the Eagle at the forefront of many of the globe's past and present hotspots.


Active, In-Service (48 yrs)
McDonnell Douglas / Boeing - USA; Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) - Japan
1,198 Units
6 Total

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Israel; Japan (Modern); Qatar; Saudi Arabia; Singapore; United States

(List includes former, current, and potential operating nations)
F-15C: 2 x Pratt & Whitney F100-PW-100/-220 afterburning turbofan engines developing 14,600lb dry thrust and 24,000lb of thrust with reheat.

(Assuming optimal flying/environmental conditions)
Maximum Speed
1,650 mph | 2,656 kph | 1,434 kts
Service Ceiling
65,617 ft | 20,000 m | 12.43 miles
Operational Range
3,480 miles | 5,600 km | 3,024 nm
50,000 ft/min | 15,240 m/min
(Showcased performance statistics pertain to the F-15C production model)
63.81 feet (19.45 meters)
42.81 feet (13.05 meters)
18.54 feet (5.65 meters)
(Showcased measurements pertain to the F-15C production model)
27,999 lb (12,700 kg)
44,500 lb (20,185 kg)
(Showcased weights pertain to the F-15C production model)
1 x 20mm M61A1 Vulcan six-barreled Gatling-style internal automatic cannon as standard with 940 x 20mm projectiles afforded.

11 x External hardpoints supporting various Air-to-Air Missiles (AAMs), mission pods, and jettisonable fuel tanks (for extended range). Strike-minded forms supporting Air-to-Surface Missiles (ASMs), conventional drop bombs, and laser-guided / precision drop bombs.

Supported systems for air-to-air work include AIM-9 'Sidewinder' AAM, AIM-7 'Sparrow' AAM, and AIM-120 AMRAAM AAM.

Up to 3 x 600 US Gallon fuel tanks. Supported Types:

Close-in Cannon graphic Close-in Gun(s)
Air-to-Air Missile graphic Air-to-Air Missiles
Air-to-Surface Missile graphic Air-to-Surface Missiles
Precision-Guided Bomb graphic Precision-Guided Bombs
Conventional Drop Bomb graphic Conventional Drop Bombs
Additional Fuel Tank graphic Additional Fuel
F-15 'Eagle' - Base Series Designation.
F-15A - Initial production model; all-weather, air-supriority mission role; 384 examples.
F-15B (TF-15A) - Twin-seat trainer form of A-models with second cockpit; 61 examples.
F-15C - Modernized F-15 model with improved radar functionality; air-superiority form; 483 examples.
F-15D - Twin-seat trainer form of C-models; 92 examples.
F-15E 'Strike Eagle' - Dedicated twin-seat strike platform; all-weather capability; 236 examples.
F-15G 'Wild Weasel' - Proposed Wild Weasel radar-hunting model (SEAD).
F-15H ('Hellas') - F-15E model proposed for export to Hellenic (Greek) Air Force.
F-15I ('Ra'am' / 'Thunder') - Israeli Air Force export model with local changes to suit service needs.
F-15J - Japan Air Self-Defense Force (JASDF) export model (locally produced by MHI); all-weather, air superiority role; 139 examples.
F-15K 'Slam Eagle' - Republic of South Korea Air Force F-15E model with some local assembly.
F-15N 'Sea Eagle' - Proposed navalized Eagle for USN.
F-15N-PHX - Proposed naavlized Eagle for USN supporting the A2A Phoenix missile with accompanying radar fit for long-range engagement.
F-15QA ('Qatar Advanced') - Export model for Qatar.
F-15S - F-15E exported to Saudi Arabia.
F-15SA - Modernized F-15E for Saudi Arabia.
F-15SG (F-15F) - F-15E exported to Singapore.
F-15SE 'Silent Eagle' - Proposed, stealthy variant of the F-15E model for Israel and South Korea.
F-15 2040C - Proposed upgrade/modernization program for in-service F-15C models; based in the Silent Eagle proposal.
F-15X/EX - Proposed, modernized F-15E of 2018
F-15 'Advanced Eagle' - Upgraded F-15E; FbW controlling; modernized cockpit displays; AN/APG-82(V)1 AESA radar fit; GE F110 engines; Joint Helmet-Mounted Cueing System (JHMCS); 2 x Additional hardpoints.

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