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Lockheed Martin F-16 "Fighting Falcon"

Lightweight Multirole Fighter

The Ultimate in Lightweight Multirole.

Though a product of the Cold War period, the Lockheed F-16 'Fighting Falcon' continues to fly with the United States Air Force and a bevy of other operators around the globe. Born from the Lightweight Fighter Program of the 1970s (which also produced what would become the F/A-18 'Hornet' line), the F-16 went on to see production totals reach over 4,600 individual units. Its versatility for its weight-class is unmatched and inherent capabilities ensure that the Fighting Falcon will remain a stable for air services worldwide into the 2030s and beyond. Modernizations have enhanced the lethality of this proven multirole fighting platform.
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Mission Roles

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Over-Battlefield Versatility

Access to eleven total external hardpoints means extreme versatility to meet the mission demand. Air-to-Air and Air-to-Ground systems, as well as special mission pods and extra fuel stores, are supported.

Proven Mission Success

Dozens of global operators means acceptance and high mission success rates. The F-16, despite its decades-old origin, continues to serve in the skies today - a testament to its design.

Afterburning Turbofan

Reheat power means faster take-offs and time-to-altitude. High-performance is a must over the modern battlefield, while reaching a target of interest or escaping danger.

Distinct Cockpit Design

Expansive clear-view canopy means increased situational awareness while a reclined ejection seat promotes higher sustainment of G-Forces in tight turns.


Active, In-Service (46 yrs)
Lockheed Martin - USA / General Dynamics - USA (original Mfg.)
4,604 Units
28 Total

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Bahrain; Belgium; Chile; Denmark; Egypt; Greece; Indonesia; Iraq; Israel; Jordan; Morocco; Netherlands; Norway; Oman; Pakistan; Poland; Portugal; Romania; Singapore; Slovakia; Slovenia; South Korea; Taiwan; Thailand; Turkey; United Arab Emirates; United States; Venezuela

(List includes former, current, and potential operating nations)
F-16C: 1 x General Electric F110-GE-100 afterburning turbofan engine with rated thrust output of 17,155 lb (dry) and 29,588 lb (with reheat).

(Assuming optimal flying/environmental conditions)
Maximum Speed
1,320 mph | 2,125 kph | 1,147 kts
Service Ceiling
49,213 ft | 15,000 m | 9.32 miles
Operational Range
2,619 miles | 4,215 km | 2,276 nm
50,000 ft/min | 15,240 m/min
(Showcased performance statistics pertain to the F-16C production model)
49.38 feet (15.05 meters)
32.68 feet (9.96 meters)
16.08 feet (4.90 meters)
(Showcased measurements pertain to the F-16C production model)
18,905 lb (8,575 kg)
26,511 lb (12,025 kg)
(Showcased weights pertain to the F-16C production model)
Ordnance and special-mission equipment mounted at 3 x Fuselage hardpoints (1 x Center; 2 x Side), 6 x Underwing hardpoints (3 per wing), and 2 x Wingtip hardpoints (1 per wing). Supported Types:

Close-in Cannon graphic Close-in Gun(s)
Air-to-Air Missile graphic Air-to-Air Missiles
Air-to-Surface Missile graphic Air-to-Surface Missiles
Precision-Guided Bomb graphic Precision-Guided Bombs
Conventional Drop Bomb graphic Conventional Drop Bombs
Conventional Nuclear Bomb graphic Nuclear Weapons
Attack Rocket graphic Rockets / Rocket Pods
Additional Fuel Tank graphic Additional Fuel
F-16 "Fighting Falcon" - Base Series Name.
F-16A - Initial production model; single-seat.
F-16B - Initial production model; twin-seat.
F-16C - Updated single-seat model of 1984; improved avionics and radar; all-weather capability.
F-16D - Twin-seat variant of the C-model.
F-16E - Updated single-seat model; APG-80 AESA radar; updated avionics; support for Conformal Fuel Tanks (CFTs); powered by GE F110-GE-132 turbofan engine.
F-16F - Twin-seat variant of E-model.
F-16IN - Proposed "Super Viper" offered to the Indian Air Force for its MRCA competition.
F-16IQ - Iraqi Air Force export model.
F-16N - U.S. Navy adversary aircraft based in the F-16C/D Block 30 model.
F-16V "Viper" - Modernized model of 2012; AN/APG-83 AESA radar; updated EW suite and digital processing systems.
F-16V Block 70/72
QF-16 - Unmanned F-16 drone aircraft; flown in 2013.
F-16 VISTA - Experimental fighter of 1992; single example built and flown.
F-16XL - Cranked-arrow, delta-winged technology demonstrator for the USAF and NASA; two examples completed.
F-2 - Locally-developed and produced offshoot of the F-16 by Mitsubishi of Japan.

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