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Sukhoi Su-24 "(Fencer)"

Interdictor / Fighter-Bomber

Supersonic All-Weather, Swing-Wing Attacker.

The twin-engine, swing-wing Su-24 "Fencer" from Sukhoi has been a Russian attack stalwart since its introduction in 1974. Updated for the hazards of the modern battlefield, the platform has been featured in the Syrian Civil War by both Syria and Russia and has proven its effectiveness despite its Cold War origins. Some 1,400 total aircraft were produced from 1967 into 1974 and other commitments have included the Soviet-Afghan War, the Lebanese War, and both Chechen Wars. The standard modernized model is the Su-24M2 ("Fencer-D") which incorporates all-new systems, avionics, and broader support for in-service Russian Air Force weapons.
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Mission Roles

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Supersonic, Swing-Wing Performance

The swing-wing capability of the Su-24 allows it to perform equally-well in various flight envelopes, whether low-level, low-speed or high-level, high-speed.

Two-Headed Monster Approach

Besides inherent automation, the workload of the Su-24 crew is spread out between two crewmen seated side-by-side in the cockpit. The primary crewman flies the airplane while the secondary crewman is charged with weapons.

Twin-Engine Survivability

Like other attacker types, the Su-24 benefits from operating on two engines seated side-by-side in the fuselage. Not only does this enhance general performance to outrun threats but it also allows the aircraft to limp its way home on a single engine if need be.

Broad Weapons Support

The Su-24 has been engineered from the outset as a multi-mission performer - meaning access to a broad range of in-service Russia Air Force weapons. The platform can, therefore, attack a variety of targets with various weapon types.


Active, In-Service (50 yrs)
Sukhoi OKB - Soviet Union / Russia
1,400 Units
13 Total

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Algeria; Angola (former); Azerbaijan; Belarus (former); Iran; Iraq (former); Kazakhstan (former); Libya; Russia; Syria; Sudan; Ukraine; Uzbekistan (former)

(List includes former, current, and potential operating nations)
Su-24MK: 2 x Lyulka AL-21F-3A afterburning turbofan engines developing 17,000lb thrust each dry and 24,700lb thrust each with reheat.

(Assuming optimal flying/environmental conditions)
Maximum Speed
1,028 mph | 1,655 kph | 894 kts
Service Ceiling
36,089 ft | 11,000 m | 6.84 miles
Operational Range
1,724 miles | 2,775 km | 1,498 nm
30,000 ft/min | 9,144 m/min
(Showcased performance statistics pertain to the Su-24MK production model)
73.98 feet (22.55 meters)
57.91 feet (17.65 meters)
20.34 feet (6.20 meters)
(Showcased measurements pertain to the Su-24MK production model)
49,163 lb (22,300 kg)
96,463 lb (43,755 kg)
(Showcased weights pertain to the Su-24MK production model)
1 x 23mm GSh-6-23M Gatling-style internal automatic cannon with 500 x 23mm projectiles afforded.

Nine total external hardpoints (under-fuselage / under-wing) up to 17,635lb of air-dropped / air-launched ordnance including:

Air-to-Surface Missiles (ASMs) (Kh-23 / Kh-29 / Kh-25 / Kh-59).
Air-to-Air Missiles (AAMs) (R-60 / R-73).
Anti-Ship Missiles (Kh-31).
Anti-Radar Missiles (Kh-25 / Kh-27 / Kh-31 / Kh-28 / Kh-58).
Rocket Pods (S-8 / S-13 / S-24 / S-25).
TV-/Laser-Guided Drop Bombs (LGB) (KAB-500 / OADB-500 / KAB-1500 / RBK-250 / RBK-500 / BETAB-500).
Conventional Drop Bombs.
Cluster Bombs. Supported Types:

Close-in Cannon graphic Close-in Gun(s)
Air-to-Air Missile graphic Air-to-Air Missiles
Air-to-Surface Missile graphic Air-to-Surface Missiles
Precision-Guided Bomb graphic Precision-Guided Bombs
Conventional Drop Bomb graphic Conventional Drop Bombs
Conventional Nuclear Bomb graphic Nuclear Weapons
Attack Rocket graphic Rockets / Rocket Pods
Additional Fuel Tank graphic Additional Fuel
Su-24 ("Fencer") - Base Series Designation.
S6 - Project form.
T6-1 - Initial prototype form; 4 x RD-36-35 lift engines; cropped-delta wing planform.
T6-2I - Variable-geometry wing planform design.
T6-3I - Variable-geometry wing planform design.
T6-4I - Variable-geometry wing planform design.
Su-24 - Initial production models; produced from 1971 until 1983.
Su-24M ("Fencer-D") - Upgraded Su-24 forms of 1971; inflight refueling capability; broader war load accessibility; laser-designation capable; revised radome assembly.
Su-24M2 ("Fencer-D") - Modernized Su-24M models of 2000; upgraded systems (including weapons), avionics/HUD, and communications.
Su-24MK ("Fencer-D") - Su-24M export model of 1987; produced 1988-1992; primary customers being Algeria, Iraq, Libya, and Syria.
T-6MK - Initial designation of prototype Su-24MK design.
Su-24MR ("Fencer-E") - Dedicated tactical reconnaissance platform of 1980; based in the Su-24M production model; terrain-following radar equipped; reconnaissance pod-equipped; built from 1983 to 1993.
Su-24MP ("Fencer-F") - ELectronic Signals INTelligence (ELINT) dedicated form of 1980; sensor and jammer equipped; combat-capable; 10 examples completed.

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