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The end of the reign of the 'tank' has been forecast for decades since the advent of the Anti-Tank Guided Missile (ATGM), and some national powers have surely moved to more mobile, wheeled armored platforms in response, but the Main Battle Tank (MBT) continues today as the undisputed symbol of national strength for leading armies. Modern implements feature stouter armor protection and more impressive firepower than ever before while able to display the performance of an automobile complete with creature comforts to boot. The MBT still controls the direction of any land battle and will continue to do so for the near-future.
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Modern Entries
Enduring Freedom | Iraqi Freedom
Entries are listed below by originating nation Afghanistan-to-Zimbabwe (A-to-Z). There are currently 3 modern entries showcased in Anvil of War. Click Here for classic/historical vehicle types.
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Leopard 2
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M1 Abrams

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